8 Most Powerful Mantras For Attracting Money, Abundance, and Prosperity

James Kelle
7 min readOct 18, 2020

Sometimes all it takes to give you a boost is a mantra for meaningful success or an affirmation for abundance.

The mantras and affirmations for abundance can be as simple as they need to be; from the songs and poems of the Hindu religion, to empower your words, murmur them as you breathe, before starting any important work.

They have power because, like prayers, they are charged with energy. These affirmations for abundance are specifically created to harness the power of the law of attraction (but also positive thinking), to bring prosperity, abundance, and financial gains into your life.

You can tell him or sing it whenever you hear the case (it is advisable to do a ritual of this fact).


And if time permits, you can combine them with meditation.

Meditation, of course, is not necessary, but it provides a great benefit to positive affirmations and will make them stronger.

If you want to use background meditation music, here’s a suitable song.

You can use all the mantras you want from the ones below. You can also alternate or combine them to suit your needs, you can even try writing them on the mirror to remind them constantly.

One final thing to note is that while these claims are effective, they are only as strong as you think them.

The more you value them, the more chance they have of manifesting themselves.

You really need to hear these positive affirmations when you say them, otherwise, they will just be meaningless words.

1. I am open to receive all the richness that life offers me.

This is a wonderful mantra, to begin with, it is an invitation to prosperity, to come into your life.

What is the point of abundance and prosperity in your life if you continually reject them? This clearly states that you are ready to receive the rewards of any financial impulses you will encounter.

2. I am surrounded by the wealth

The Law of Attraction goes a step further and says that if you think about something enough, it will manifest. Claiming your wealth will bring you wealth! This is a wonderful daily statement. Believe it.

It sounds like encouragement and that’s exactly how it works.

3. I deserve prosperity!

This is an important positive statement: too often we underestimate ourselves because we feel like we don’t deserve good things.

It’s a statement you can say aloud (if you allow yourself space you are in) and it’s a wonderful mantra to chant over and over.

It’s good to say and it will lift your spirits. We must not mention that it is the absolute truth!

4. My success is necessary.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, money is an important thing in the world. This declaration of abundance serves as a reminder to remind you that it is not a sin to want you more.

Whether it’s your career, your home, or even recreational pursuits, success matters and it can be extremely rewarding for our spirit. This mantra gives you the motivation to accept nothing less than what you deserve.

5. I live an abundant life.

It is a simple mantra that you can speak in any situation. Meditation on this mantra can bring well-being to all aspects of your life, emotionally and spiritually; at work or at home, but also in other areas of your life. Maybe it will call the abundance of laughter but also the abundance of money into your life!

6 .My dreams come true

As long as you work to make them happen, this is less of a mantra and more of a fact.

This wonderful phrase will give you a boost simply by reminding you that prosperity is on the way.

It is always good to see your dreams come true and to say that this mantra will most likely give you a pleasant state. The more you say or think about it, the more wonders it will do!

7. Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.

Well, this is a little more advanced. But if you’re interested in a more traditional approach, try this Sanskrit mantra: focus on abundance above all else.

It represents sowing the seeds of success, allowing wealth to be cultivated. And it is, of course, best to sing during meditation.

8.Thank you!

Never forget the simple magic of gratitude for what you have. The more you appreciate, the more you will receive. It is almost as if the thought of gratitude and attraction were two sides of the same coin.

No matter how little or how little you have, it only matters whether or not what you carry is worth your life.

The best way to express your appreciation is to say “ Thank you “. It doesn’t matter how you thank yourself as much as you thank them. If all else fails, thank you.

And don’t forget: you deserve it!

The 5 secrets of ancient Chinese culture to attract love, money, and prosperity into your life

You have probably heard countless times about the art of Feng Shui in home decoration, so you can benefit from the positive energies of your home, but most importantly, understand how these rules originated in ancient China's work.

The Chinese believed that the world was driven by some “invisible forces”, that is, energies that emanated from the main elements that make up nature: earth, water, fire, and air, also known as “qi”.

They were convinced that these energies were intertwined with those of our life and that they have the power to influence our destiny to some extent.

The belief that there are energies around us is not specific only to a certain religion, areas, or certain people, but appears in one form or another in many cultures.

And recently, scientists have shown that there is a connection between the energies that surround us and how we feel. For example, we tend to get charged with negative energy when someone around us has a bad day.

The same phenomenon has been observed in plants and animals, which could indicate that there is a grain of truth regarding the arrangement of these mantras for abundance.

Since we spend most of our time at home, here are the most important rules of planning this ancient art and mantras for abundance, which can put you in a good mood and can only charge you with positive energy:

Get a good mood. You need to feel comfortable in your home

Beyond the rules of the orientation of the furniture or the colors used in the home, the most important thing is to feel at home in every room, especially those designed for relaxation.

When you think about living at home, it’s hard not to find something you can improve on. And if you also see these pictures with living room layout ideas, you will immediately want to transform your living room into those beautiful pictures.

A pleasant room insight is the first rule you need to consider.

“Never glue all the furniture to the walls,” warns Karen Rauch Carter, an energy consultant. “The furniture arrangement should encourage communication, so forget about the walls and make sure the front legs of the furniture rest on the corner of the carpet,” Karen recommends.

Creating a space in the form of a circle is ideal for feeling more open and willing to communicate, including problems you may encounter with your loved one or family.

Attracting money. Maintain impeccable cleanliness in the kitchen

Cooking is associated with money and prosperity in Chinese tradition and its mantras for abundance, so it is advisable to always keep it clean and tidy.

Make sure you always throw expired foods out of the refrigerator and fill the shelves with fresh foods. Also, experts argue that there is a connection between how clean the oven is and how much money you can attract, and even if you don’t take the word, it has nothing to do with trying this strategy.

The attraction of love. Use “twin” pieces in every room

“If you want to start a new relationship, don’t surround yourself with unique items,” says Laura Benko, an expert on oriental mantras for abundance and holistic design.

“Avoid putting a single chair or armchair in a corner, images that symbolize loneliness and photos of you appearing alone,” he says.

Instead, use two armchairs, two bedside tables, two plants, paintings or paintings in which more people appear and you will create a mentality oriented towards meeting a life partner.

Attract prosperity. Decorate with shades of red or purple

“Color has a strong impact on our disposition, which affects our productivity. Red is a color that expresses power and energy, and this can give us an impetus to be more productive and bring prosperity to our homes.

Purple is the royal color, but its other shades work too, especially if you paint a single wall in a pleasant lavender color, ‘advises Laura.

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