How to do the 369 manifestation method-(Right Way To do)

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What is the 3–6–9 Manifesting technique (or exercise)?

This is a technique I had heard about a couple of years ago and which, lately, I wanted to rediscover and deepen.

The first time it caught my attention was on Modern Health Monk’s Youtube channel but the real “turning point” I had with another channel: Choosing Gratitude.

How to do the 369 manifestation method

She is the real creator of this technique as I present it to you. It is a fusion of some concepts related to Nikola Tesla, Abraham-Hicks, and his intuitions.

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Now, I state that I am no longer a passionate spokesperson for the Law of Attraction, nor for any of its exponents (if there were still any).

Maybe I still have some affection and esteem for Joe Vitale, but it seems that the Law of Attraction has gone out of fashion probably because it has not proved effective.

Or, to put it as someone tried to do (trying, in my opinion, to “sell a little more”), it turned out not to be applied at best and therefore not working.

I also state that the “mix” of ideas in the style of “New Age and related” I do not like, and seeing Tesla and Abraham associated like this, for free will, does not make me crazy as a thing.


But — one of my famous “ buts ” as big as a house — this technique has given me some benefits and I also think I can explain its effectiveness in a little more… rational way.

Basic Principles

According to Nikola Tesla in Nature, in the Universe, there is a relationship between the numbers 3, 6, and 9 and this can be observed everywhere.
according to Abraham-Hicks, if we focus for at least 17 seconds on thought it begins to accumulate other thoughts and as much energy.

In practice (as I understand it) it comes to life, and, if the focus lasts at least 68 seconds, it begins to manifest that thought in physical reality.

I did not check the sources of these principles: I did not want them and I had the idea that by doing so I would waste precious time.

If you know more, write it all down in the comments so I can integrate it into the article and share it with everyone else.

Having said that, let’s get to …

The actual exercise.

The exercise is essentially based on writing, repeating, and expressing our wishes in a particular form.

We must write the same wish (the same sentence) as if it had already been fulfilled, several times a day. The form is precisely that of thanksgiving (which recalls the dynamics of abundance and flow).

Necessary material? A notebook or diary dedicated only to this (improves focus), a pen (the more smooth and comfortable the better. The best pen for this task for me is this one from Mitama . Super smooth, soft, durable, and comfortable .)

1. First we have to decide what we want _________________ (to be, to receive, to do, to have). So write 1 to 3 things you want.

2. Set up 3 sessions during your day in which you will have to write down what I will tell you next. Example: morning at 8 am, afternoon at 4 pm, evening 10 pm.

At first, you will forget to do it so write down your appointments in your diary or set alarms or reminders on your electronic calendar. Remember that you will need to have your notebook or diary with a pen with you.

3. In the first session you will write the thought 3 times which I will then tell you. In the second session, you will write it 6 times. In the third, guess what? Yes, 9 times.

Always the same thought. If you change it and make it more effective continue with that without thinking about it.

4. Write (precisely) your wish in this form. First it starts with a thank you to __________ (Universe, Nature, God, who-you-want-you) as if what you want has already been received.

Thanksgiving will activate certain energies (or positive inner dynamics), and, by pretending that you have already received it, you begin to materialize it or otherwise experience it as if it were real.

I will then tell you why, in my opinion, it also works on an objective level (ie we could explain it with pseudo-scientific concepts).

5. When you write your thought, make it long and complex, including emotions, uplifting values, positive prospects for you, and for the rest of the planet. In this way, you will overcome the 17 seconds mentioned before and will charge your thoughts with energy.

The selfish, evil, miserable, and superficial desires I believe you can manifest them but they will take you very little far. Your choice, however, whether to use this tool for the good of all or for your own personal gain.

6. Enter terms full of energy, passion, vitality, positivity, hope, trust, wisdom, humanity. They will help you align with your desire in the best way.

7. Keep in the habit of writing down your thanks-thoughts until they are fulfilled. Once verified, thank whomever you want.

How was my experience with this exercise?

I used it and I must say that within a few days I started to feel the benefits immediately. I had asked for greater clarity and mental focus and I must say that they “arrived”.

Some will believe that there is something magical underneath, and maybe there is. I have explained it to myself in another way.

I believe that a diary-like helps to repeat certain things to oneself, disposing of these things in a positive way, and opening the doors to circumstances.

I read a really interesting book on this subject, by Shad Helmstetter, “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” which explains how the best way to reprogram one’s beliefs and values ​​(to obtain different behaviors) is to work on one’s dialogue. inner.

Various very effective methods are described in the text and one of them is certainly writing.

Writing a certain thought over and over again a day, and living it as if it had already happened in us, triggers confidence in putting it into practice or in any case in putting ourselves to work.

After all, think about it, we repeat to ourselves 18 times a day a certain thought, full of emotions, in 3 different moments of the day. Is it or is it not a positive reprogramming?

Reprogramming is not meant negatively. We have all been influenced (often negatively) by what adults told us when we were little, my classmates, friends, relationships.

We have received a dense series of imprints that have created inner limits to our abilities. Limits that we can (and need) remove if we are to start living a more fulfilling life.

Here, this is a tool that can help you on this path of inner cleansing, of fine-tuning your natural system for success and happiness.

Concrete examples of how to write thoughts

Desire: “I want to lose weight”.
Thought: “I thank the Universal Consciousness for this beautiful gift received, the loss of 10 kilos of fat that freed me from excessive weight, gave me lightness, satisfaction, energy, joy.

Thank you for helping me improve my nutrition and health so that I can better contribute to the lives of others with greater positivity and love for myself “

Desire: “finish an important project”
Thought: “I thank God for giving me so much trust and so much passion and allowing me to do a wonderful job and finish my project in a great way.

This will allow many others to benefit as it will help people improve their lives. Thank you for bringing this beautiful challenge into my life and making me realize how many inner resources I have and how many wonderful people I can work with every day.

For this I thank you and I feel very lucky. “

What to ask in my opinion? Little tips

I would focus not so much on things that are detached or distant from us, such as lucky breaks, “sudden bursts” of state but on the skills and habits that can lead us to achieve those things.

I’ll explain it. If you want to find love, I advise you to ask how to work effectively so that you can find it. If you know that a certain way of hindering you, ask to improve that particular aspect.

If you want to lose weight, ask to become passionate about healthy cooking, training, improving your relationship with stress, etc.

If you want more money, ask for a way to do good while earning more. If you want I can try to give you some ideas if you write to me with your particular request in the comments.

What if I notice in writing that a certain resistance develops in me?

Sometimes you may feel that what you write causes you as a slight annoyance, a certain nervousness, and makes you stop. It’s your ego and the negatively programmed part of you that don’t want to let you improve.

So I advise you to do one more exercise before everything else.

First ask yourself: “Why do I think I don’t deserve to _____________ (your wish)?” — “Who convinced me that I am not worthy to receive it?” — “How little did that person know about me?”

Then write thoughts, always very long and emotional, about the fact that you deserve it, you are smart, you will make good use of it.

Write it in the same way as in the exercise (3–6–9 times in 3 different sessions) working on that. When you start to feel more relaxed and ready then resume writing wishes and thanks according to points 1 to 7.

You may also need to unlock your emotions a little. Click and try this exercise.

What if the wish comes true?

Well, pass this technique on to someone else (pass the favor): it will be a way to say “thank you”, and scale your desire. If you asked for 1 ask for 3, etc. What do you think about it?

Having said that, I just have to wish you to write a lot and constantly. You will see that this exercise will give you a lot of satisfaction.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this exercise feel free to write me in the comments.

This is the full video of Choosing Gratitude with her technique explained by her. If you don’t know English don’t worry: what I wrote is basically the translation of the salient parts of the video.



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